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A nonprofit organization providing Kirkwood area residents with food and utility assistance

About Us

Who Are We?

We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. With the help of our tireless volunteers, we offer food delivers and assistance with utilities for families and individuals living in the Kirkwood School district.

Who Do We Serve?

Kirk Care offers the community and congregations within the Kirkwood R-7 School District a proven process for helping our neighbors in need. We offer food delivery and utilities assistance. 

Our Board of Directors

One or two members of each church meet every month. These representatives are your contact with Kirk Care. 

Kirk Care in the news

Kirkwood United Church of Christ


The Kirkwood United Church of Christ executed a successful mini food drive event, led by Judy Kamper, who asked families within the congregation to do mini food drives in their neighborhoods. Each participating family received a kit containing 15 food collection bags, information about Kirk Care, thank you notes and logistics information on food pick up. About 12 families participated in this event that yielded over 3 full grocery carts of food to assist Kirk Care in stocking our pantry over the summer months. The timing of this food donation could not be better as kids who rely on getting their breakfasts and lunches from school no longer have access to these meals over the summer placing a significant demand on the pantry.  Outstanding job by these 12 families!!!  Kirk Care is grateful for this creative and timely food donation. THANK YOU!!!

Kirkwood Rotary Club

Kirk Care is grateful for the help Rotary Club of Kirkwood provides to struggling families in our own neighborhood.  Kirk Care was presented a $5,800 check on February 8, 2018 from Rotary Club of Kirkwood representing two donations received in 2017. The summer $1,500 donation from the Rotary assisted Kirk Care to stock our food pantry and provide food vouchers to over 50 families during the summer months when kids are unable to get two balanced meals a day from school programs. 

During the 2017 Green Tree Festival, the Rotary Club of Kirkwood sponsored a Green Tree Rotary Ramble Run as their major event of the year to support local charities. Kirk Care was named one of the local charities that benefited from Rotary Ramble proceeds resulting in a $4,300 donation. Kirk care was able to re-stock our pantry following the Christmas Food and Gift Box distribution in December distributing over 400 boxes brightening the holidays for nearly 190 families in need. Rotary's donation will also allow Kirk Care to provide food vouchers to an additional 100 families going forward into 2018.

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Thank you to the people and organizations who have supported Kirk Care through the years and will continue to alleviate daily stress on less fortunate families.